• 31/03/2016

    New WeLoc Gripper FD – Improvement of the material

    Stiffer product now made from Acetal - POM with a new article number. The design is not changed.

    As a result of our continuous development work we have succeeded to change the material in our special Fully Detectable Sack Closure to make it stiffer like the very popular standard Gripper.

    The new product name is WeLoc Gripper POM 100 FD and the new article number is FD1910004, replacing the previous no longer in stock.

    It is manufactured from a special compound of Acetal – POM, but the design is the same.
    Except for Fully Metal and X-ray Detectability the closure can even be used in Ultra Low Temperature Freezer at -50 C / -58 F.
    Convenient for use into Food Industries and Pharmaceutical/Medical sectors.


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