WeLoc clips provide simple and effective containment solutions for powders and fluids in the Pharmaceutical and Laboratory environments.

Using WeLoc clips to re-close partly used bags of ingredients will reduce the risk of cross contamination.

WeLoc clips also help to maintain hygiene standards, securing opened bags of raw ingredients and materials.

Sealing your bags reduces the risk of leakage and accidents, maintaining a clean and safe environment in your Research and Production areas.

WeLoc PA clips are perfect for use in the demanding pharmaceutical and laboratory environment because they are made from high quality Polyamide 6.6 material. This makes WeLoc clips uniquely strong and durable with a truly long life.

WeLoc are manufactured in Sweden under strict hygiene conditions, with a wide range of standard sizes and colours available.

To maintain the highest hygiene standards, WeLoc PA can be sterilized via your Autoclave, EtO or Gamma systems before being re-used.

For your quality assurance, WeLoc products have been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2009 & 14001.


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