WeLoc clips are perfect for closing partly used bulk sacks of food ingredients. Even big bags of raw materials and FIBC can be quickly and easily secured with WeLoc Gripper, helping to avoid cross-contamination and reduce wastage.

Some of the best known international food and beverage corporations already rely on WeLoc. Larger sizes of WeLoc clips help to meet the sealing and closure requirements necessary to deliver optimum hygiene standards on the food production line, in professional kitchens and in restaurants.

The WeLoc Gripper tool is ideal to reclose larger bags and sacks of food ingredients, clamping shut on the gathered sack quickly and easily.

If required, one turn of a button will lock the tool until the bag needs to be used again, keeping valuable ingredients safe and secure in storage and whilst out in the production area.

Standard WeLoc PA clips are perfect for use in food processing areas because they are made from high quality food grade Polyamide material. This makes WeLoc clips food safe, uniquely strong and with a long life.

There are fully detectable versions of WeLoc Gripper sack tool available in Blue for food processors.

For ultra-low temperature operation, the WeLoc high performance POM 320 FD model is designed to remain operational at minus 50°C with full x-ray and metal detection properties.

WeLoc clips are mainly used for secondary closing of packages but all materials for manufacturing except for the fiberglass reinforced Gripper conform to European and FDA standards for Articles In Contact with Food legislation.

All standard colours are certified free from cadmium and lead.


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