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WeLoc PP WeLoc PP WeLoc PP

WeLoc PP reusable closures provide a cost-effective containment solution with their unique, patented flexible hinge that can be used again and again. Produced in Sweden from food grade polypropylene, they deliver simple and affordable resealing where needed.

Use WeLoc PP for light industrial applications throughout the workplace. From the modern laboratory to the factory production line, they help maintain quality standards by providing a quick and easy way to manually seal bags and sacks, re-close pouches or clamp flexible tubing. They are also ideal for domestic use at home in the fridge or freezer, store cupboard and garden.

Available from stock in 5 lengths and 6 colours, WeLoc PP meets current European and US food contact legislation, with production certified to ISO/TS 16949:2009 & 14001 standards. For bulk trade promotions where optimum value is required, WeLoc PP closures can be printed on one side in up to 4 colours, some models can even be embossed.




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