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WeLoc - Weland M. AB complies with the guidelines for GDPR and the Swedish Data Protection Act.. It is important for us that you feel confident about the way we handle your personal data. For this reason, we are open about the way we gather, process and share the data we save.

What data do we process?

We need your personal data in order to perform our agreements and discharge our commitments to you. This may be name, personal identity number, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc. These are stored in various computer systems so we can serve you with products and services that you purchase from us. In addition to this, the data is used to allow us to provide personalised offers to you, as our customer. The processing is based on the agreement or customer relationship that comes into being, for example, when you order something from us. Marketing is sent to you, as a customer, based either on your expressed consent or a balance of interest that we have conducted. All processing that is based on your consent can be revoked by you at any time without explanation by contacting the company.

Where does the data come from?

Normally, the data come directly from you and is collected when you become a customer with us. We also receive some information when we arrange for the customary credit rating concerning you.

What rights do you have?

The new act means that, as a customer, you have a number of rights. Among other things, you have the right to order a register extract to be sent to your home address containing your personal data, such as, e.g. name and contact details. You also have the opportunity to correct incorrect information as well as request the data to be deleted once the agreement/customer relationship has ended. However, we cannot delete data that constitutes public documents or where there is a statutory requirement for storage, for example, accounting regulations. If you want to complain about our processing of your personal data, you have the right to present your complaint to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen).

Cookies uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file that is stored on the computer of the visitor to the website. A cookie can be either a session cookie or a cookie that is saved for a longer time. A session cookie disappears when the browser is closed, while a stored cookie is saved. It is saved so the visitor to the website can use as we intended. For example, it may be choice of language or other preferences that are saved to make the next visit to the website easier. We use cookies to make use of the website easier, as well as to adjust the use to the user. The information that is collected by means of cookies, however, does not contain any personal data, instead it is used to determine the visitor's pattern of use of our web services. When it comes to behaviour on, IP addresses are not stored in our databases. For this reason, as a visitor to the website any information about you can never be connected to your identity.

Traffic and Statistics also has cookies to calculate and report the number of users and traffic. We also use so-called third party cookies from Google Analytics to collect statistics about how our visitors use the site. The information that is collected and stored in your browser is anonymised, so we can see how many visitors we have had, from where the visitors came and the pages that they visited. The information about the websites or links visitors come from are stored for up to six months. You can read more about Google Analytics security policy on:

Intellectual property rights

All materials on the website, including texts, images, trademarks as well as design and graphic profiles are the property of the company or of our partners. All use, apart from that needed to use the website, or copying by you as the user requires written approval from the company. All use in conflict with these terms and conditions may result in legal consequences.


In the case of any disputes arising from these terms and conditions, Swedish law applies with exception for its rules on choice of law, with Jönköping's District Court as the first lower court.

Applicable law

Vid eventuella tvister i anledning av dessa villkor tillämpas svensk rätt med undantag för dess lagvalsregler, med Jönköpings tingsrätt som första domstolsinstans.

Have you any questions?

OIf you have any questions about our processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us by e-mail:


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