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WeLoc Detectable incorporate special polymers with evenly dispersed additives that make the entire closure or fragments fully detectable when used with metal detection or x-ray inspection systems. Production in Sweden uses Dark Blue colouring, standard throughout the food industry.

WeLoc Gripper POM 100 FD and WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD are fully detectable tools that will reclose sacks of raw material ingredients, quickly and easily. For ultra-low temperature applications, the high performance WeLoc POM 150 FD and WeLoc POM 320 FD sealing clips remains operational at minus 50°C with full x-ray and metal detection properties.

Using WeLoc Detectable for containment of open bags helps food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers reduce the chance of contamination from foreign objects. They also minimize the risk of injury to consumers and avoid damage to production equipment, helping to prevent product recalls and harm to reputation.

WeLoc Detectable can be incorporated into HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) processes, a legal requirement for EC food business operators.


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