WeLoc PA clips are ideal to reclose industrial bags and sacks of raw materials in your warehouse and production areas.

There are many different standard WeLoc sizes and colours available, which can be used to reclose anything from the smallest bag up to the largest sacks and FIBC.

Using WeLoc clips to reclose sacks of raw materials in storage will help to avoid cross-contamination. Many products are hydroscopic and therefore absorb moisture from the environment.

Reclosing these with a WeLoc helps to protect these valuable ingredients, saving money and avoiding sub-standard production.

The WeLoc Gripper PA 100 tool is ideal to reclose larger bags and sacks, clamping shut partly used sacks quickly and easily.

One turn of the locking button secures the tool until the bag needs to be used again, keeping partly-used raw materials safe and secure.

The WeLoc Gripper PA 100 model is designed for use in the most demanding manufacturing environments.

Manufactured from Polyamide 6.6 material and reinforced with glass fibre, this high quality tool is uniquely strong and durable with a long life.


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