WeLoc in the Pet sector

WeLoc reusable closures are perfect for use with pet products, to reclose all kinds of partly used bags and sacks. Big bags of dry dog food or cat litter are convenient to buy and offer excellent value, but there is always the problem of re-closing the sack once opened.

Lots of pet products can be quickly and easily secured with WeLoc closures, helping to keep unpleasant smells in the bag and out of the home. Even on fish food and bird seed, a WeLoc is the solution.

Choose the WeLoc Gripper PA100 tool to reclose large bags of bulk pet food, clamping shut on the gathered sack quickly and easily. If required, one turn of a button locks the tool shut until the bag needs to be used again, keeping the contents safe from prying paws and inquisitive children.

Standard WeLoc PA straight clips are ideal for smaller bags and pouches, easily opened and reclosed whenever necessary. Their unique patented seal and a flexible hinge means they can be used hundreds of times. Instead of just folding up the top of the bag and keeping your fingers crossed, just reach for the WeLoc and clip it shut.

The WeLoc Scoop is a range of closures with a choice of scoop attachments in different sizes. These offer a great way to both measure and seal pet products. Use the handy scoop to dispense the contents, before reclosing the bag securely until it is required again.

WeLoc clips for the pet sector are available in a choice of standard colours. For bulk trade promotions, most can be printed in up to 4 colours to create an innovative promotion.

Produced in Sweden from high quality materials, they are uniquely strong and have a long life. For your quality assurance, our sister company Weland Plastic have been certified as meeting the requirements of ISO/TS 16949:2009 & 14001.


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