WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD

WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD dark blue, fully detectable

Standard colors

WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD is a powerful sack closure.

Fully Metal and X-ray Detectable. For the Food and Pharmaceutical Industry. When storage of ingredients in the Ultra Low Temperature Freezer.



Model: WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD dark blue, fully detectable

Article no.: FD1915004

Material: Acetal POM, fully metal and X-ray detectable. Durable at -50°C / -58°F.

Color: Dark blue

Sealing length: 150 mm / 6 inch.

Total length: 315 mm / 12 1/2 inch.

Weight: 170 g - 5.95 oz

Product specificationProduct specification

Technical Info

Temperature ranges
-50 to +120 ⁰C / -58 to +248 ⁰F

Sterilization methods
Autoclave, EtO


Pcs/carton: 70

Pcs/pallet: 2800

40 cartons x pcs/carton = Pcs/pallet

Weight/carton: 12.4 kg - 27.3 lbs

Weight/pallet: 521 kg - 1,149 lbs

Delivery and Stock information »

Printing WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD

Printing area front WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD

Front: 45 x 10 mm - 1 3/4 x 25/64 inch.

We will send a scaled electronic proof for your approval before starting the production.

Printing example WeLoc Gripper POM 150 FD

Printing facts

Can be printed in 1-2 printing colors.

Required artwork:
A vector based EPS-file made in Adobe Illustrator. (Please contact us if you need help)

Delivery time:
Normally 3-4 working weeks after receiving the order and artwork. For smaller quantity (up to 10.000 pcs)

Color Specification

All our standard range of colors are absolutely free from cadmium and lead. This is to meet the FDA regulations as well as other international requirements for products related to the food market.

Based upon these facts you are recommended to choose a WeLoc in one of our standard colors, and when printing we always recommend a white WeLoc with the customers accurate Pantone for the print.

WeLoc PA, WeLoc PA Scoop, WeLoc PA Spoon and WeLoc Gripper PA 100 are made of Nylon PA 6.6 which has to be moulded at a very high temperature and so the color pigment must have very special properties.

Please also be aware of that to test out a new Pantone color on the WeLoc closures we need minimum 10-12 extra working weeks for color matching and production.

Our standard colors are:

Quality & Origin

All WeLoc clips are produced under certified conditions by Weland Plastic AB who are located in the same facility here in Sweden. Weland Plastic are certified according to IATF 16949 & ISO 14001.

Country of origin: Sweden

Custom Tariff nr: 39235090

Food contact

Our WeLoc products are made from Food Grade compounds and color additives which comply with the EU Regulations, EU 1935/2004 as well as the FDA Regulations. The only exception is the fiberglass reinforced WeLoc Gripper PA which is recommended only for secondary use on food packages.


We hereby confirm that we are informed of the REACH-legislation and understand our responsibility in REACH.

Our products do not contain chemicals included in the list of substances of very high concern (SVHC) restricted in REACH, based on information from our suppliers.

Routines are introduced to follow the changes of legislation and restrictions in REACH.

Care & Use Advice for your WeLoc

Care & Use Advice

All WeLoc clips can easily be cleaned and reconditioned. If WeLoc PA closures have got bent after use on thick packages they will return to the original shape after processed in a dishwasher or boiling water for a while. PA (Nylon) is a technical plastic material with a unique “memory”.


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